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The Difference Between Paintless and Traditional Dent Repair Services

Paintless Dent Repair is an easy, painless, and inexpensive option for removing small dents and scratches from your car’s surface. Paintless Dent Repair is also referred to as the PDR, or digitally controlled dent removal system, is an easy non-invasive dent repair technique that removes small imperfections on the car’s surface without the need to manipulate the color of the paint. The biggest advantages of having a Paintless Dent Removal service are the affordability, the quickness, and the overall results.

Auto body shops provide standard paintless dent repair services, which include minor dents, scratches, chips, nicks, and cracks in your vehicles’ surface. However, depending on your vehicle’s make and model, certain damage cannot be repaired without undergoing major alteration of the vehicle. Body shops can only make repairs to dents, scratches, and chips that are not larger than a nickel.

Paintless dent repair is the most advanced dent repair technique. It is a way of repairing minor dings and dents without the hassle of color alterations. The process is simple and effective, and body shops are able to complete the procedure in just an hour with no waiting time. This saves you the time and expense that you would have spent visiting a body shop, as most pointless processes can be completed in about thirty minutes.

Paintless systems are very effective at removing dings and dents from your car’s surface because they do not alter the existing color of the car. The dent repair technician uses a special solvents and a high-powered brush to remove the dirt from your car’s surface. The technician cleans the area by using a special cleaner that is applied before he begins work. Since paint doesn’t need to be removed during this process, it eliminates the possibility of having painted areas reappear after the repair is finished.

While paintless dent repair services are great for minor dings and dents, they aren’t the best solution for vehicles that sustained major damage. If you have a serious accident and severe damage to your car’s surface, you should contact a professional auto body shop for more comprehensive damage restoration services. These services include auto glass replacement, body replacement, and repainting. Some car repair shops also offer collision repair services and comprehensive coverage.

Although the paintless dent repair process does not alter the color or gloss of your car, there are a number of things that could occur that could cause your car to have an enhanced appearance after your repairs. For instance, an accident that damages the hood or side of a car can leave unsightly paint scratches that could reappear even years later. Your car may also appear louder due to the impact, especially if it happened at a high speed. However, many of these problems can be avoided by choosing a paintless dent repair process over a traditional method.

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